From Christianity to Judaism…

I was brought up in the Church of England and at the age of 20, made a personal commitment to G-d and left the C of E to join the independent evangelical arm of the church.  I remained in various churches for the next 25 years.

During that time I became more and more unsatisfied with Christianity so with the blessing of my Pastor, started investigating the Jewish roots of my faith.  After what seemed to be a long journey (probably over the course of a good 10 years), I “found” Messianic Judaism.

I joined a Messianic congregation, thinking of myself for several years as a non-Jew practising Messianic Judaism but as a result of research by the Rabbis in our movement, it became clear that the way ahead for those of us who were not born Jewish was conversion.  When the conversion course “Gateway” was introduced, I felt a sense of relief that at last I would be able to call myself what I was, in any event, living i.e. I was keeping Shabbat, the Festivals and High Holy Days, I was keeping biblical kosher etc.  In 2010, after completing the Gateway course, I went through the mikveh and became a convert to Messianic Judaism.

Recently (and since my conversion) my relationship with G-d has improved, my prayer life has changed completely and life is exciting!