Our Faith

Our Jewish Faith

  1. We believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the one true God, Creator of all things, omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent. We believe that God is Spirit and as a Father, sent His Son, Yeshua to die sacrificially for us, yet He remains eternally one (echad).
  2. We believe this Divine Messiah is sinless, without spot or blemish, fully God and fully man, having sacrificed Himself as an eternal atonement (kaparah) for the sins of mankind. Those who sincerely repent of their sins and confess their belief and trust in God can be, and are, forgiven on the basis of God’s mercy and grace through Yeshua’s sacrificial death, thereby receiving eternal salvation. Such a person is granted the indwelling Ruach hakodesh (Holy Spirit) and is regenerated, a process whereby Torah is written on the heart (Jer 31: 31-33) , the Renewed Covenant.
  3. We believe in the physical Resurrection of Yeshua, and the future resurrection of all people to eternal life or eternal damnation.
  4. We believe that the Scriptures, consisting of the Tanakh and Messianic Writings, as given in the original languages are infallible, inerrant and authoritative in all matters of faith and conduct.
  5. We accept the Oral Torah’s teachings as instructive in our understanding of the development of other forms of Judaism – the processes of halachah-, but not as authoritative.
  6. We believe that as believing Jews and Gerim (converts, Jews by choice) together in Messiah, we follow the Torah of Moses as taught by and lived out by Yeshua. We believe that Yeshua gave the definitive understanding of both Torah teaching and a Torah- based lifestyle. Consequently we observe Shabbat and the Biblical / Jewish holy days (Moedim), to the exclusion of all others, and we expect the Fruit of the Spirit to be a hallmark of such a lifestyle.
  7. We believe that as a Messianic Synagogue we function within Judaism and the larger Jewish community, although our customs and practices may be and are different from other communities.
  8. We believe in God’s end time plan for the redemption of Israel and the Jewish people, and through us to the Nations. We believe in the physical and spiritual restoration of Israel.