Kosher Supplies

Sourcing kosher meat (to a Halachic standard) is becoming ever harder, especially living in a Jewish community that is both small and a long way from the main kashrut distribution centres in London and Manchester. Adat Yeshua has been able to source kosher meats from a local farm source that are kosher under the Halachic standards regulated by the UBMS Beit Din. The farm has been inspected, and the meat supply process from birth to slaughter, to processing and packaging has been examined. In particular the animals

  • are reared to the highest animal welfare standards;
  • never come into contact with treif at any point during the supply process, including at the butchery stage;
  • are not pre-tenderised.
  • All blood is fully drained from the meat.
  • All kosher meats are guaranteed to be non-Halal.

The following quotes are taken from the farm’s own website:
‘The animals are reared to the highest welfare standards and the farm is covered by the RSPCA’s Freedom Food Scheme.’

‘Our meat has an exceptionally low “carbon footprint”. Sheep and beef cattle graze the beautiful environmentally sensitive meadows for three miles bordering Swannington Beck, the cleanest tributary of the River Wensum. All the animals are then killed at the local abattoir just 3 miles away and the carcasses returned to mature to full flavour before butchering to your requirements.’

‘Sheep: the four hundred mules are crossed with Texel and Charolais rams.

Beef cattle come from the Child family at Hevingham. Their suckler herd spends the summer grazing SSSI marshes around the Norfolk Broads, mostly at South Walsham. They are over wintered in large straw barns where they are fed on stock feed vegetables and cereals. The carcasses are then hung for 21-28 days to maximise the natural tenderness and flavour.

Free range chickens come from Jason Peart at Hindolveston where the chickens roam around the farmyard – truly traditional poultry fed on wheat grown and milled on the farm.’

To place an order, please contact the Rabbi.