Mixed Faith Couples

According to recent figures the Jewish community in the UK is between 300,000 and 350,000 strong, a minority but one that cannot be ignored. Yet even given our relative size, all Jewish communities of whatever tradition and denomination continue to to face the issue of intermarriage and/or mixed-faith marriage. It is a situation that demands a response and guidance needs to be given. In particular there are couples who are either married already or who are engaged or even considering engagement where one person identifies with their Jewish background and one for whom a Christian identity is a key issue. In the UBMS and at Adat Yeshua we strongly empathise and understand these particular dilemmas and spiritual, faith issues. For some couples communal worship may be an almost impossible scenario, while others may develop creative ways to honour both traditions. We understand that bringing up children in this challenging environment can be difficult, and also balancing the demands and expectations of the wider families on both sides.

Maybe having read this you are already seeing yourself and your family reflected back at you, maybe you have been trying to balance the many varied and opposing needs that present themselves daily. Maybe you are a couple who are seeking to be married and are still working through the deeper issues contained in a mixed-faith, Jewish/Christian marriage. Messianic Judaism is uniquely placed to help such couples and families. As a Judaism our desire and calling is to see strong Jewish families, connecting with the traditions and wider Jewish identity, while standing uncompromisingly on our belief in and acceptance of Yeshua Mashichaynu as our promised Redeemer. We welcome converts to Messianic Judaism and through our programme of synagogue membership for the whole family we can guide those not born Jewish in the family / couple towards full acceptance in the Messianic Jewish community.

The Rabbi is happy to discuss these issues with any couple whether married already or considering marriage. You will find Adat Yeshua a warm and welcoming community in which your Jewish identity can be fully lived out and a new unity and wholeness brought to your family life. Please do consider contacting the Rabbi to arrange a meeting.