B’Yachad: “Empowered for Service”

The UBMS recently celebrated its first B’Yachad Shabbaton on 19th May 2012. This was a special day for us as it was the launch of our new name and logo, along with our new website.

The day began with our Torah service, with worship led by our musicians who gave great service during the day. The D’var Sefer Torah was given by Rabbi Dr. Yehoshua Scott.

The afternoon commenced with Rabbi Boaz Sabey introducing the UBMS with an explanation of why there was a need for change. The new website was then revealed by the designers Cary Ralph and Andrew Gordon; we give them our thanks for all their hard work.

The highlight of the day was the moving description by Rabbis Binyamin Sheldrake and Boaz Sabey of their recent trip to the Ukraine where they visited the Kegilat Brit Messianic Synagogue in Zhytomyr, led by Rabbi Solomon Pinchuk. The Rabbis explained how they were deeply moved and humbled by the commitment and enthusiasm of the congregants. They then spoke about the conference in Kiev, organised by Rabbi Pinchuk, where they were guest speakers.

The day was rounded off by Rabbi Scott giving the final Blessing.

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